ChatBot for Events

Events are confusing if they are hosted at a huge level. To help out the organizers and attendees, whatsapp bot is helpful in every way possible to both by saving time and sorting things out in a calm way.


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Benefit Of Industries

  • Exhibitions are a brilliant platform to get your business seen and to promote your product or service to potential clients. The exhibition experience is at the heart of what makes an exhibition successful, so choosing the right type of technologies to enhance customer experience puts your brand apart from others.
  • There are exhibitions out there who come up with various innovative ideas to engage customers hosting several events happening at the same time, but forget to focus upon the customer experience. Hence leaving them to a point of dilemma of what kind of fun to enjoy and what to miss out.
  • The bot integration is helpful for both ways as it reduces the efforts of volunteers helping around for people in need and otherwise round. In general case some of the crowd is not even able to figure out where the help desk is. Hence the bot integration reduces the human efforts and makes it more user friendly by making the response real-time with an accurate data.
  • Users can ask around for literally any detail they want to know about.It can be like stall information, stall location, stall number, fun activity arena, reminders about various activities happening around for that day.


Public Exhibitions

Public Exhibitions

An exhibition is never crowd free! To manage the crowd and make the flow more efficient bot is easiest integration.
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Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate events can be made more professional by providing bot support Contact Us
Social Events

Social Events

Social events can be put up in a more entertaining way than never before using whatsapp integration. Contact Us
NGO Events

NGO Events

The NGOs can use this platform to spread awareness for a campaign. Contact Us