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Travel services can get an ease by providing solutions through WhatsApp and the travellers don’t have to fiddle around by asking for every bit of information to a stranger or at the help desk.


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Benefit Of Industries

  • The glee to explore the world amongst travellers is getting a high appeal. Moreover the travel industry is gearing up for innovation every single day, and as the saying goes “More convenience, more user base” for that travel service provider.
  • Generally the traveller is forced to trust strangers and to lose sight of all the familiar comfort of home and friends but the bot can help the traveller at every single step of his journey to get updates in the form of a prompt reply.
  • The traveller can get a fast reply by just asking with few defined keywords.Every kinds of travel industry can be equipped with this facility may it be flight bookings, bus booking, cab rentals, outdoor adventures, staycation/ vacation rentals, etc.
  • The user can ask for specific details such as getting ticket details in chat/ email, initiate cancellation, status of refund process, notifications of cashback and loyalty points credited.
  • We are specialized in WhatsApp bot integration build with strong algorithms to support your system.Thus helping in building a brand of yours with advanced technology to bring speed and improvising the performance.




The accommodation industry is one of the vital parts of the travel industry which handles the stay of travellers having a wide range of variety for stay. Contact Us


The transportation is one the industry which generates a huge revenue by indulging all categories of users. Contact Us


Experimenting with food is one thing that has been an interest while people travel, bots can make that experience more enhancing. Contact Us
Holiday Package Providers

Holiday Package Providers

In a trend when everyone prefers a personalized package tour, bot can be the most helpful thing. Contact Us